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    Commonplace Drawing Mistakes To Avoid

    Posted on August 6, 2014 by in Tips and Advice

    You don’t have to worry about getting into too many drawing mistakes if you know what you can do to make your shots really work well. Here are a few sensible ideas that you can use when trying to keep yourself from falling into the same pitfalls that so many other animators or artists might get into as they try to get different projects ready. (more…)

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    Watch For Facial Animations In Your Face Shots

    Posted on August 6, 2014 by in Tips and Advice

    If you are trying to get good facial shots going when animating items then you must check on how the facial animations that you’ve got are working. The problem that so many animators struggle with involves a lack of proper facial animations. That is, they do not bother to try and adjust their shots by using the right movements for the eyes, mouth, nose and other key parts of the face in order to show some sense of emotion. (more…)

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    Is Toon Boom Useful For Animating?

    Posted on August 6, 2014 by in Tips and Advice

    The Toon Boom software program has been used on many digital animation projects for years. It has been utilized by many groups ranging from independent commercial and film companies all the way to film and television studios looking to create all sorts of fine programs. (more…)

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  • Why You Should Buy Followers On Twitter To Promote Your Drawings And Animations

    Posted on March 3, 2015 by in Home Studio

    If you are interested in drawings and animations, it is easy to start out in the medium you are most familiar with. However, as you progress in style, it is best to introduce new media and software tools to your portfolio. We will discuss some of the most important software tools used by professional anime artists today.

    Adobe Photoshop is one of the favorite programs used for digital drawings and animations. This program provides all the tools to create professional drawings and animations. The program allows the artist to sketch directly into the program and finish your art from start to finish. If you prefer to sketch your ides on paper, Photoshop gives you the ability to scan this sketch and use Photoshop’s many editing functions to create a masterpiece drawing or animation.

    SYSTEMAX PaintTool SAI is another one of the most popular software tools used by today’s anime artists. It is an inexpensive, Japanese-made digital painting software that has an easy-to-navigate interface. The program comes with all the tools that are needed for you to create your animation or drawing. The program is available in Japanese and English languages. The program has several built-in brushes of various sizes. These brushes can mimic traditional painting mediums such as watercolor and marker pens. The developers of the program offer a 30-day free trial so that you are able to try the program without any risk on your part.

    PGN openCanvas is an extremely popular software program among the anime artists. This too, is available in Japanese and English. The program has many different types of brushes such as marker pen brushes, watercolor brushes and a raster-based Pen Tool. The interface is user-friendly with easy to navigate menus. There are several patterns, tones and paper textures in the program. All in all, openCanvas is an all-round and intuitive program favored by the majority of anime artists today.

    Corel Painter is another popular anime program with a wide selection of brushes. It mimics a variety of traditional media like watercolor, chalk, pastels, oil paint, colored pencils and marker pen. There are several paper textures to compliment the brushes. The program is mostly used by artists, who like to make their artwork look as if it was created using traditional media.
    Many artists like to share their artwork with their close circle of friends on popular social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are some of the popular media used for this purpose. It is extremely easy to share your artwork on Twitter. You only need to tweet the information to your close circle of friends. The popularity of your Twitter account depends on the number of followers you have. There are two methods to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account. The natural method is slow and will take a lot of time. The easiest way is to buy followers on Twitter. Experts suggest that you buy followers on Twitter right now.

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  • Model Websites Make It Easy To Do Life Studies

    Posted on February 11, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Whether you work with a pencil, a stylus, or pure rendered pixels, as an animator you’re surely aware that capturing realistic motion is the very core of animation. For amateurs and independent artists just learning the ropes, this fact can be easy to forget. There’s an affordable way to improve your animation skills here, though! Hire a model to show you the moves you need to capture.

    Life Modeling Has A Long History

    Studying live models in motion is nearly as old as animation itself. Walt Disney and other pioneers of the artform spent countless hours studying the way people and animals moved. This enabled them to capture realistic motions and truly bring their creations to life. Times have advanced and animation technology has come forward by leaps and bounds, but putting the artist’s eye in direct contact with real motion is still incredibly important. Even digital animators like those that create characters at Pixar Studios still devote plenty of time to observing motion in real life.

    Real Motion Offers Critical Insight

    Even though animation operates by creating an illusion of motion, a thorough understanding of the reality of the subject is necessary to make the illusion realistic. Watching actual people performing actual movements will offer you insight into the nature of human motion that you simply can’t get any other way. Even observing the work of the world’s finest animators will still not show you the subtleties of reality. Developing a keen eye for true motion is also necessary before you can start exaggerating your characters. Wild, impossible action is one of the great possibilities offered by the animated medium. Unless unrealistic motion is thoroughly grounded in more realistic movement, though, you’ll never achieve the effect you’re looking for.

    The Ease Of Online Hiring

    Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to get exposure to the kinds of movements that will help you. Besides classes for animators and other artists, you can engage a model to perform to your specific requirements. This is often cost-effective when you’re working on a major job. Examining a life model and reproducing his or her movements can offer a shortcut to producing outstanding animation. With the proliferation of online model websites, (try here for a great example) it’s surprisingly easy to locate affordable local models.

    Getting The Most Out Of Your Models

    model1Once you find a suitable model that’s not too far away, what’s really important is to get the most out of the time you pay them for. You should only hire a model once you have a very clear idea about the motion you need help with. It’s also a good idea to devote some thought to the instructions you’re going to give your model. If you can be clear and precise right off the bat you’ll get the most out of your time. It’s also extremely useful to record video of your models for later reference. Remember to verify that this is alright with your model before you begin, though!

    Mastering the art of animation is a life-long process. If you’re truly dedicated to it, you should explore all of the different tools available to assist you. One of these is the experience of observing the human body in motion. Don’t let it slip your mind when you look over your options!

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  • Learn About Drawing, Animation, And Diabetes Protocol

    Posted on February 7, 2015 by in Tips and Advice

    You can fit in the Diabetes Protocol with your life if you’re an animator dealing with a diabetes issue. Make sure you’re getting to know your options so that you can see if you’re getting your work done right or if you need to see a doctor as you more forward.

    The diabetes you have should be cared for with the system only if you don’t let yourself get away from following the rules. While animating all day can be hard and make it difficult for you to follow the system, it’s not going to work for you and will just be a waste of time and money to only do a halfway decent job of following the directions. Picking and choosing what to follow may seem like a good idea but it will just make the system less likely to benefit you all the way.

    Anyone that works with something that has medical advice in it may want to run it all by their doctor to see what they think. This is the way to know whether or not something like this can be safe, because otherwise you may end up having a worse problem to deal with or the best scenario is that it works for you well. It’s not a good thing to take risks when you have a health problem because that could land you in the hospital or cause you to get more ill in some way.
    Don’t be afraid to do some research as to how you’re going to feel using this system to deal with your diabetes. You may want to take some time off of you work as an animator for a while. This way you can rest as you make changes to your life and you don’t have to deal so much with all of the problems you have to face in the way of getting work done. Some animators have to work most days of the year and so you may have to just pull yourself away if possible for a few days to get adequate time to put this system into practice.

    Follow the advice carefully, but if you start to not feel good for whatever reason you’ll want to get medical attention quickly. It’s best to just cease everything and call your doctor when you feel like something is wrong. If there are any issues you just can’t seem to make go away that are bad then call emergency services. See if you can get an emergency number for your doctor if you have to ask what to do when you’re having trouble.

    After you use the Diabetes Protocol and learn about www.ladybirdln.com you should be able to spend more time animating and less time having to deal with insulin and the like. Take time to put all of this to good use and you’ll be fine. It’s good when you use a system like this properly and start to feel the beneficial effects!

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  • Drawing Collaborations Can Be Fun

    Posted on January 14, 2015 by in Tips and Advice

    A great part of working with online technology is that it can be rather easy for many drawing collaborations to be set up as desired. You can get in touch with a fellow artist online with ease.

    This can work with many simple steps that are not too hard to figure out. They only take a few bits of time to handle although some extra preparation could always be used to help with getting it all set up as desired:

    1. First, you need to set up a proper time for you and another artist to work together.
    2. After this, you need to get a client ready. Sometimes you can get to an online program as desired but in other cases a remote desktop connection manager may be required to get the connection ready.
    3. You and anyone else who is going to work on a project will have to log in at a given time to get all controls ready. Sometimes the login process will be identical for all the people who are working on a project.
    4. You should then be able to interact with the person of interest in real time on any kind of drawing project that you want to work with.
    What makes the use of a drawing collaboration so fun? Simply put, there are many great reasons that are worth exploring on their own:

    • You and a partner can work together on all sorts of different projects of interest to you. This can include the creation of a variety of fine items that are rather unique and fund to play with.
    • You can also give and receive feedback on whatever it is you are doing in real time. A good art partner can help you to see what you are doing right and what you need work on. You can always give your advice or ideas to the person that you are doing the art project with as well.
    • Sometimes it can be easier for people to be a little more creative if they are all working with one another. It’s a fun feature of drawing that could make it easier for anyone to be a little more into their work.

    It is clear that drawing together can be a fun thing to do with all of these points in mind. The fact that you can get so many great benefits out of doing so only adds to the benefits that come with getting through this process. It is a truly fascinating and appealing thing for all to explore and enjoy using as desired. The things that you could learn from drawing with other people can really be important to explore and use as needed.

    Drawing collaborations can be very exciting for all to take part in. These collaborations are designed with the intention of creating some really appealing things that are not too hard for anyone to get into when it comes to being a little more creative and into the work that one is trying to create in any case.

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  • Everything To Know About Drawing and Animation

    Posted on January 8, 2015 by in Tips and Advice

    There are so many cartoons, animated movies and series that are been shown on numerous television networks across the globe. Numerous dedicated television channels that only air cartoons, comic based series and other animated feature films have emerged over the past few years. This means that the global animation industry is gradually growing and developing even in terms of technology. Many businesses have been established on the basis of offering a wide range of animated content and solutions.

    A good example of such a business is the Neopets shop that allows consumers to buy neopoints online the advantage to be redeemed for various legitimate products. They have very affordable prices on all goods and products that are on offer and all a customer has to do is to buy neopoints online.
    When coming up with any type of drawing or animation, the first step is usually to visualize the characters and setting that they will be depicted in. Drawing small sketches of cartoons is the most important stage of this visualization process. Early animators are known to have created really innovative animations just by using a series of drawings that tell a certain story.

    The process of coming up with any form of animated content is quite time consuming and requires a lot of patience and skill. Drawing is the most basic skill that one must have if they are to carry out any form of animation. The drawing can be done by hand or even on a computer using graphic design software. The cartoons aired on TV normally undergo a lot of tweaking and painstaking development to appear they way they do.

    Due to the numerous technological advancements that have been realized in the past, animation procedures have been made much easier and less time consuming. Three dimensional modelling and rendering software makes the process of animation very user friendly and enjoyable. Using a wide range of computer resources such as graphic design tablets and even special graphic design software makes animation a really fun activity to engage in.

    Materializing sketches and drawings is a big step in the process of creating animated characters. Anything that is animated on a computer must be made to look as real as possible so as to appeal to an audience. Materials and textures are used to makes characters to look more life like and even quite realistic. Various colors and gradient compositions also come in handy in this stage of animation.

    The biggest audience for the above audio visual content is young persons or children. Children and even small infants enjoy watching animated movies and cartoons more than anything else. The above content is known to provide an avenue for children to see their imaginations come to life. It can be anything from super heroes to fantasy worlds and even super natural beings that have magical powers. All these phenomena make animated content quite appealing to kids from all over the world. This means that animators have a tough job of creating wonderful cartoons that will keep children entertained.

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  • Cracking Down On Smoking In Film – Is It Going To Work?

    Posted on January 6, 2015 by in Lifestyle

    If you have been to a movie theater in the last few years then the odds are that you might have seen some messages at the ends of films stating that movie studios have not taken any money from tobacco companies for the depiction of cigarette smoking. Also, many movie ratings come with smoking notices on them when explaining what it is that causes a movie to receive the rating that it has gotten.

    It is also becoming clear that smoking can get some movies to receive real problems with their ratings. A movie could be forced from a PG rating to a PG-13 rating because of the depiction of smoking in some cases. This is a dramatic change from what had been used in the past but it is an interesting concept that is being used in many film studios these days.

    Smoking is indeed a dangerous activity and there is a need to stop people from trying it. This is especially the case with people who make animated programs. While many programs these days can design smoke effects, it is clearly best to see those smoke effects coming from a factory building, a vehicle or other natural source.

    Still, animators are expected to not use actual cigarettes in their productions. Not even the eliquid cigarettes that don’t technically have all that dangerous stuff that so many other items contain are allowed. These eliquid free UK delivery products might be available through a fantastic special in some cases but that does not mean that they are suitable products to market and highlight in some of these productions.
    So, what is being done with the intention of trying to crack down on smoking in films? There are many things that are being done these days in order to keep smoking from being really visible and appealing to those who might be rather impressionable in some way:

    • Standards and practices departments are often telling people who animate different effects to avoid the use of smoking-related items in their work.
    • Others are being told to avoid trying to make smoking heroic in terms of how it looks. It is clear that some people like to make it look as though the villain-type characters in a production are the ones who are more likely to smoke though. Still, that is not necessarily a concept that is being endorsed as it still depicts smoking in some way.
    • There are also times when smoking is being shown with regards to its health effects. It can be used as a means of trying to show people what happens when they smoke over time. Still, there is the clear risk of showing smoking in general and the fact that people are still going to frown upon its depiction in general.

    Whether or not the plans to crack down on smoking in the movies is going to work is unclear at this point. However, it is certain that things may need to be done in order to keep this from looking overly attractive as it is being portrayed in the movie world.

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  • Cleaning Up In An Art Room Isn’t Hard To Do

    Posted on October 14, 2014 by in Home Studio

    Any animator that is trying to create good works of art will need to clean off one’s surfaces as needed. This may not sound like the most appealing thing for any artist to do but it is something that has to be done regardless. Cleaning up an art room doesn’t have to be much of a challenge to do.

    art room

    An artist doesn’t have to spend far too much time to clean a spot like cleaning companies Dublin do and this will be easy to benefit from once people start to learn more about what can be done when cleaning. Several steps do have to be used if such a spot is to be cleaned off and actually look as great as it should.

    1. Make sure any storyboard space or other area is cleaned off as needed after all work is done. Any pencil or marker residues on a space need to be washed off. This is to keep a space looking rather clear and therefore easier to clean off.

    2. Always make sure that any paint spots or other items on a floor are cleaned off. Sometimes items can drip off of a paintbrush or other stencil and get onto the floor. It is often easier to clean these spots off as soon as they come around in order to prevent permanent staining from developing on the surface.

    3. There’s always that need to clean off any components that may be utilized in the overall artwork process. These include components like tablets, easels and other items that may be utilized in the creation of art pieces. These things have to be cleaned off so it will be rather easy for anyone to have a cleaner and easier to use surface for any activity one wants to manage.

    4. All items in the art room need to be placed in their right spots. This is to not only keep a space tidy but to also make it a little easier for a room to possibly look its best for any art purpose one might have. Being able to keep a space as clean as possible can be a real premium for anyone to consider.

    These are all tips that have to be used to keep a space clean and organized. The thing is that people are often able to actually get their work done if they are in environments where all the spots in a room have been properly cleaned off. Everything has to be tidy in order to keep the art process a little easier for all to utilize. It can really make a difference when trying to create some unique works of art that will stay out in some way.

    All of these concepts need to be used when it comes to cleaning up an art room. If the right standards are to be used then it should not be all that hard for a space to have a clean and comfortable surface that is easy to facilitate.

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  • Why Highlighting Your Animation Work On YouTube Always Helps

    Posted on August 20, 2014 by in Technology

    You might want to think about getting your animation work posted on YouTube if you are a budding animator who wants to get your work out there. There are many good reasons why it is such a great idea to see how YouTube can help you out. 

    It Allows For Feedback 

    You might find that you can get plenty of feedback on whatever your video is about if you post it online. By posting your video, you can get people to give you feedback on what they like and do not like about your production. This can include points relating to the content of your work, the design of your animation features and more other points. If you can get feedback from others about your work then you will certainly have an easier time with understanding what you should and should not be doing when getting your video to work the right way. 

    It Helps To Market Yourself 

    YouTube marketing is important as it makes it so people can visit your site and learn more about what you have to offer. If you get more videos about your animated work online then your YouTube marketing efforts will become a little easier for you to manage. You can get more people to learn more about what you do for a living and it might even be easier for you to showcase your work to clients that need animators for any reason. 

    It Works For Your Portfolio 

    AnimationEvery animator needs a good portfolio. If you post your work online then you can get your portfolio to become more visible and to become a little bulkier over time. This can really work wonders for the demands that you might have for getting your work to become more interesting to the public at large. 

    It Encourages Work 

    It’s clear that not every single project one has is going to be a success. If you keep on working on your animation skills then you can certainly improve over time. By uploading videos to YouTube, you can progressively get a better look at whatever it is you are trying to manage. This can really help you out with figuring out what you should be doing in order to give yourself that help you deserve. 

    This will encourage you to work as you will figure out over time what you should and should not be doing in order to get your work to become visible. This can really be of use to you as it will ensure that you’ll have more than enough information out there on what you have to do in order to get your work to really stand out and be a little easier to manage. After all, practice does make perfect no matter how far you are in your work or how experience you might be. 

    Be sure to get your animation work on YouTube when you get. This can help you to get the word out on whatever it is you have to highlight, thus making it much easier for you to get the best results out of whatever your productions might be.

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  • Drawing Cartoony Characters Right Isn’t Hard To Do

    Posted on August 19, 2014 by in Tips and Advice

    If you want to draw cartoon characters then you have to watch for what you are doing. You will want to make your work stand out but you certainly don’t want your work to be ugly or bothersome to the eyes. 

    Eyes Can Make An Impact 

    While the mouth may be a good thing to look at when taking a look at the emotions that someone is exhibiting, sometimes the eyes can be even more important to spot. The eyes can look concerned, shifty or happy depending on how they are drawn. 

    If you want to convey emotions through the fact then work on the eyes first. These can show true emotions and in some cases they can create effects on the face that will stretch over onto the nose, forehead and mouth. If the eyes are used the right way then it will not be too hard for a cartoon character to really look at great as it can. 

    Think About the Colors 

    cartooningYou have to be aware of how you’re going to make your colors look vibrant and interesting. Take a look at what you might see with some examples in today’s culture to get an idea of what different characters may look like. 

    Consider the Neopets series of toys and shows for kids. These are designed with many different colors ranging from not only different tones on the same palette but also different shades of some colors. These pleasing appearances make for some unique characters; it’s no wonder why people play with them online and buy Neopoints from Shopneopia among so many other spots. 

    Simply put, keeping the same color palettes intact for your characters and using more shades will really help. They will make your characters more detailed and interesting. 

    Watch For the Dimensions 

    If you plan on getting a good character body ready then think about the dimensions you will be using. Start by taking a look at the head and main body of whatever it is you want to create. If you use the right standards for creating something you might like then you will have a better setup for all your characters. They will also look more interesting and patterned for whatever you want to get out of those characters. 

    Create a Better Outline 

    Your characters will need outlines in order to look their best but make sure you keep them narrow. For instance, going back to the Neopets example for a moment, many of those characters are ones that are more detailed and interesting to spot because their outlines are not overly thick. Those outlines are designed as a means of creating borders for the characters to be created with. When this is made the right way then there will be a smart guide to work with as the characters are being created. 

    Cartoony characters are not all that hard to draw if you know how to make them right. Be certain when you draw the best possible characters that you keep all of these ideas in mind so your characters will really stand out and look their best.

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